Server Changes:

  1. Track Humanoids will now be automatically cast when entering Cat form.
  2. Spell Reflection should no longer reflect poisons or melee based spells (e.g. Seal of Command procs)
  3. Elemental Mastery and Inner Focus will now grant their spell critical strike bonus.
  4. The Feral PvP glove equip bonus will now trigger off Maim.
  5. Troll Priest racial Shadowguard can now properly proc Blackout. Additionally, it is now available in the mall Priest trainer, and auto-learned upon new Troll Priest character creations.
Server Changes:

  1. Rage generation from taking damage is now properly is affected by armor and should be 50% less from spell-damage, and 50% damage mitigation.
  2. Find Weakness talent now properly procs off of Slice and Dice.
  3. Molten Shields talent now properly is affected by ranged attacks and will proc Molten Armor. First TBC server to fix this?
  4. Unstable Affliction now correctly scales with shadow damage when dispelled and causes higher damage to the player.
  5. Ritual of Summoning can now be used by warlocks again. If you are in the donor mall, it will simply return telling you you're unable to cast that here.
  6. Quagmirran's Eye's 2nd equip bonus now properly has a 45-second internal cooldown.
  7. Gameobject chests can now be properly master looted. This fix is important for the upcoming Scarlet Citadel raid.
  8. PvPing in the donor mall is now completely fixed. This was accomplished by force-adding zone/area flags to the map. Players now are represented as in "Testing", the original donor mall location, instead of "Unknown" in WHO and guild lists.