Server Changes:

    Changes are now posted on our discord #server-updates channel. Please go there to find the most recent core updates.
Server Changes:

    We haven't updated our changelog in about a year and a half, so here are the changes since then, minus many core-updates/crash fixes that no one cares about reading...

    Major updates:
    1. The mall was completely redesigned utilizing our multivendor feature condensing numerous NPCs into easier to access menus. (Dec. 2016)
    2. Players performing a race change no longer have to request a new token from GMs when accidentally closing the menu. The NPC will remember your session and let you continue performing the transfer. (Dec. 2016)
    3. Character restoration is now built into the website. Instead of requesting a restoration via GM, you can now restore your characters from your account management page. They are kept for 180 days (half a year) on deletion. The name is kept reserved if you have more than a day’s worth of played time.
    4. 2-Factor Authentication is now implemented and supported. You can now safe guard your account by adding an authenticator to it! Will request a new code upon each IP address change. You can enable this feature on the new account security page. (Jan. 2017)
    5. A new Appearances Area has been added allowing easier access to transmog, as well as new and updated transmog items to purchase. (Dec. 2016)
    6. 35 new Legendary Transmog Models have been added to the current NPCs and are still available either through arena or the daily quests system (BGs/PvE). (June 2017)
    7. A new profession area has been added to the mall. Shattered Sun Offensive and Aldor/Scryer reputation is no longer required to access the trainers and free materials.
    8. Magtheridon’s script has been completely reworked, including all phases! He now drops legendary weapon fragments!
    9. Profession skills max immediately when training now.
    10. Neutral dueling zone has been moved! We've left behind Quel'Thalas and moved to a more spacious, bright location at the coast of Arathi Highlands! We have future plans to rotate the zones between periods of the years.
    11. In December 2016 we granted mass-amnesty to all players, removing all permanent bans from over the years. Ban history remains, though.
    12. We've removed the 25-minute arena end timer ending in most damage as many players found this unfair to certain classes. Instead, an arena match will end at 40 minutes with no victor.
    13. Scarlet Citadel bosses have been reworked and tuned up, making them slightly harder for casters, but much overall more interesting. (June 2017)
    Bug fixes:
    1. Al'ar now properly resets if the raid wipes during dive bomb phase.
    2. Fixed few bosses' pull range in heroics and raids.
    3. The water in Serpent Shrine now properly switches to Scalding once the platforms have been cleared, making it easier for the weekly Lurker Below quest from Nat Pagle.
    4. Wolfshead Helm now properly gains energy upon switching to cat form.
    5. Elders quest during Lunar Festival event is now properly working.
    6. Arena flush time is now displayed in the .server info command.
    7. Fixed a bug where arena matches would be considered a loss if the server crashed during a rated game.
    8. Warrior Tier 5 (4) set bonus has been fixed.
    9. Sitting players now properly have a 100% chance to be crit against. This does not trigger crit-based talents.
    10. Channeled spells now have a 120% leeway mechanic on their target and are removed on spell tick instead of immediately.
    11. Fixed Premeditation removing Stealth and Intervene from target.
    12. Fixed Soulshatter removing units from Stealth.
    13. Fixed issue with pets not properly being in combat and/or not keeping their owners in combat.
    14. Mage and Warlock pets stats are now more accurate to their appropriate TBC stats.
    15. Fixed issue with players being able to resurrect outside of graveyard range in battlegrounds.
    16. Prayer of Mending's visual on proc has been fixed.
    17. Blessing of Protection now properly removes other active blessings.
    18. Fixed some issues where players were able to cast LoS spells to their pets when they were out of LoS.
    19. Fixed Kill Command going off when the pet was under crowd control effects.
    20. Fixed a pet retaining its buffs during isolation.
    21. Fixed Imps and Water Elementals meleeing.
    22. Pets & Totems can now properly crit.
    23. Winter’s Chill debuff proc should now properly ignore LoS.
    24. Stormchops are now considered a Well Fed buff.
    25. Fixed a double "Immune" message at diminishing returns.
    26. Logging out doesn't kick you from your party anymore.
    27. Items sharing a same cooldown now cannot be used at the same time anymore. This fixes the double hearthstone macro bug.
    28. Portal creation is now properly disabled in arena and BGs for anti-griefing reasons.
    29. First Aid now automatically is learned and maxed upon character creation. Cooking and Fishing are not anymore, but can still be learned and maxed instantly from the new profession NPCs.
    30. High level cooking recipes are directly learned from the new Cooking NPC. Nat Pagle has been moved to the profession area.
    Server Changes:

    1. 3v3 regular queue has been enabled again. With the surge of new players joining, we've decided to open the doors and see how this will go. If 3v3 proves to be popular and well-played by season end we will deliver rewards to it (perhaps a different shiny mount...).
    2. Arena matches will now end if they extend past 25 minutes. The winning team will be determined by the total amount of damage done for that team. This is based off tournament logic seen from Blizzard tournaments. After witnessing an arena match over 100 minutes today at a total stalemate between a Druid and Warlock, it became clear this is needed.
    3. Nat Pagle has come to the mall. He's a new NPC that will offer 7 new dailies, one each day rotating a week that will allow you to earn an extra Weapon Fragment per quest completion. There are 3 fishing dailies, 3 cooking dailies, and one raid quest to kill The Lurker Below in Serpentshrine Cavern!
    4. Kael'Thas has received a much-needed facelift and has a pretty breath-taking encounter. We may be the only TBC server that has the window/statues & beam phase looking as neat as it does. It's not perfect, and we'll make improvements as needed! Kael'Thas now drops 5 Weapon Fragments, and yes, he does drop Ashes of Al'ar mount!
    5. Void Reaver's encounter has been repaired and should work more properly.
    6. Shade of Aran has had his script improved and has proper working phases now.
    7. Terestian Illhoof has had his script improved and works very well.
    8. Prince Malchezaar's phases have been repaired properly as well as the infernos.
    9. 3v3 solo queue will now also award honor points for a win, much like 2v2 does (and the same amount as 2v2). This feature is in place for 3v3 too, however awards 135 points instead of 45 like 2v2 and 3v3 solo queue.
    10. Alterac Valley has been retired due to issues with server performance. Until the issues are further investigated and resolved, we've taken the BG out of rotation. If the BG appears to stay out of rotation for a long time, we will allow badge conversion to AV marks to complete transmog gear sets. Conqueror and Justicar titles are unobtainable at this time.
    11. Issues with the pathfinding system being temporarily broken have been fixed. Creatures and players will now correctly path to their targets again.
    12. Hand of Justice proc rate has been more appropriately fixed. No longer has a PPM, but rather a base % to proc.
    13. Liron will now offer to teleport you to either Shattrath profession area if you are neutral with both Aldor/Scryers. If you are friendly+ with one, and unfriendly and below with the other, it will appropriately offer you teleportation to either one.
    14. Fear now properly will remove on the end of a BG.
    Server Changes:

    1. Fixed an issue where channeling interruption made instant spells ignore GCD.
    2. Curse of Recklessness now prevents fear like it should.
    3. Timbal's Focusing Crystal will no longer proc on "Shadow Word: Death" backlash damage.
    4. Fixed a bug where Shadowstep gave 40% damage instead of 20%.
    5. Fixed Shadowstep improperly proccing on Shiv and Gouge.
    6. Fixed bleed effects bleeding too much. Talents like Opportunity were incorrectly applied twice.
    7. Players can no longer re-stealth in hunter flares.
    8. Fixed a bug where the core only checked one dynamic object (Flare), but ignored multiple dynamic objects. In other words, Hunters can now use multiple Flares and they are both treated in the calculations.
    9. Fixed an issue where melee range from auto-attacks was shorter on the server's end than on the client's.
    10. Added a new spell attribute-check, "Tapped". Read about it here: Tap.
    11. Ruthlessness no longer interact with combat when used.
    12. Warlock's spell "Eye of Kilrogg" is now enabled. The spell was disabled due to an unknown crash that is now resolved.
    13. Vampiric Embrace and Vampiric Touch health and mana gain will no longer keep the player in combat.
    14. Fixed channeling duration for some spells. The duration was longer that it was supposed to (e.g Seduction).
    15. Soothing Kiss (Warlock Succubus) is no longer a Diminishing Returns spell.
    16. Fixed an issue where the player could equip items during Global Cooldown.
    17. Fixed an issue that made the player fly through the map when leaving battlegrounds.
    18. Fixed the quest "Sweet Serenity". The quest target NPC will now spawn in Stratholme (fixed on request).
    19. Pet spells durations on enemy targets are now displayed for the pet owner.
    20. Improved pet speed synchronization with the owner (when not in combat).
    21. Fixed a save issue that affected Paladins and Priest. Note: if you still experience save issues, try to reset your talents. If it does not help, please contact us on the forums.
    22. Updated Warden Anti-Cheat values and features. Warden will now ban hackers on detection.
    23. Updated and improved Server Anti-Cheat system to store logs.