Server Changes:

  1. Issues with training points for Hunters have been fixed. Due to this, Hunter pets have been reset. We had to issue a wipe to correctly reset Hunters pets' and their trained spells. If you're a Hunter, see your trainer in the mall to train a new pet right away!
  2. Fixed issue where channelled AoE spells would trigger combat immediately instead of on falling projectile hit.
  3. Roots and Fears can no longer break by self-damage.
  4. Fixed issue where some AoE spells could cast sightly outside the green indicator range.
  5. Nature's Grasp can now proc while moving.
  6. Shapeshifting can no longer improperly remove Blind.
  7. Fixed issue with Abolish Poison removing too soon and not continuing to remove poisons.
  8. Vial of the Sunwell healing is now increased and decreased by healing % modifiers such as Fel Armor, Mortal Strike, etc.
  9. Shadowsong Panther now correctly follows the player instead of chasing after enemies.
  10. Players now have access to the .distance command to check their distance between players and NPCs to help us better test bug fixes and report bugs. :)
Server Changes:

  1. Lifebloom's final tick can no longer heal when target is isolated.
  2. Chain Heal and Prayer of Mending no longer can jump to dead targets.
  3. Vessel of the Naaru (active on Vial of the Sunwell) can now properly crit.
  4. Vial of the Sunwell mechanics have been fixed as well as buff stack gaining from healing spells, not just holy.
  5. Shapeshift now properly removes ALL slows.
  6. Swiftmend now heals the correct amount equal to 4 ticks of Rejuvenation or 6 ticks from Regrowth. Also it will no longer ignore healing reducing effects.
  7. Pet's speed now properly scales with owner's speed when out of combat.
  8. Nature's Grace now properly reduces cyclone cast time.
  9. Feral Charge root effect can no longer break on damage.
  10. Fixed issue where Kidney Shot could apply DR to itself.
  11. Fixed a rare issue where channelled spells could continue to be cast upon being frozen/trapped.
  12. Swapping relics now properly triggers GCD again.
  13. Fixed an exploit where players could sit down in mind control.
  14. You can no longer cast dispel on a target if target only has non dispellable auras
  15. Shadow Word: Death's backfire now properly deals the correct damage.
  16. Timbal's Focusing Crystal can no longer proc off of a HOT.
  17. Memento of Tyrande can now proc from HOT application.
  18. Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration can now proc from HOT application.
  19. Nature's Guardian and Earth Shield can now trigger procs.
  20. Shadowstep no longer improperly breaks stealth.
  21. The arena spectator addon is now properly receiving player's correct mana numbers, fixing a bug causing it to go off when a player returned from a shapeshift form.
Server Changes:

  1. Issues with bonus healing and bonus damage effects such as bleeds have been fixed by properly recalculating upon each tick instead of on apply. Source
  2. Implemented a better way for spells to not break on damage taken. (Death Coil, Improved Hamstring, Improved Wing Clip, Chastise, etc.)
  3. Issues that arose after a fix with the Blade's Edge Arena pillars should be fixed.
  4. Issues with Fear Ward disappearing have been fixed. Numerous cases fixes specially are outlined in its bug report.
  5. Intimidating Shout's diminishing returns group has been properly fixed to where it is no longer sharing DR with fears to now, correctly, stuns.
  6. Fixed issue with Seal of Command/Righteousness not having its auto-attack proc go off when attack a player with a shield.
  7. Fixed the Shaman talent Elemental Weapons not properly scaling.
  8. Talents or Spells that increase DOT damage now correctly work.
  9. Implemented fire damage scaling for Flametongue Weapon.
  10. Many spells/buffs/enchants, etc. that were improperly scaling spell power or % mods no longer do. List is large but few examples: (Eye for an Eye, Seal of Blood, SW: Death, Chain Lightning, Arcane Torrent, Deathfrost, Fiery Blaze, etc. etc.)
  11. Priest's Gladiator Mooncloth gear set bonus now properly reduces Weakened Soul debuff on other targets instead of only the Priest himself when casting a spell such as PW: Shield.
  12. Paladins are no longer immune to positive mana gains or buff gains while in bubble. Returning "immune" should only be for hostile targets.
  13. Fixed issue with dispel now breaking Grounding Totem.
  14. Players can no longer reflect Wand attacks.
  15. Vindication can now proc on absorb.
  16. Pet's movement speed is no longer synced with their owner's movement speed.
  17. Fixed an issue with Water Elemental's range check.
  18. Fixed issues with group/raid members going into stealth and having their animations bugged.
  19. Wrangling Rope should now be able to cast on other players properly.
  20. Diminishing Returns can no longer improperly apply to self.
  21. Shadow Sight now properly will remove Stealth.
Server Changes:

  1. Season 24 came to a close on May 2nd, and season 25 began! We forgot to reset arena points during the arena closure so all players with points over 500 will be set down to 500. If you had less, or none, you remain the same.
  2. We have implemented a new, custom-built anticheat to work alongside our Warden detection system. This will players using several different hacking methods (speed, fly, wall-walking, etc.). This feature is new and in testing. Once we've gathered enough results from the system, we will set it to automatically issue suspensions for detections. At the moment it will suspend users that trigger the system. It should not interrupt gameplay in any way.
  3. Queued spells will now properly interrupt if player does not have enough power (eg: Warrior having 10 Rage and Heroic Strike queued. Player casts Battle Shout and does not have enough rage to cast Heroic Strike on next swing therefore the check fails and the spell is properly interrupted).
  4. We've implemented new and better calculations to break auras on damaged received (roots, fear, etc.).
  5. Fire & Earth Elementals, and Treants now have proper scripts assigned to them and cast their spells.
  6. Charge path is limited to the spell's maximum range + 10 yards.
  7. Charge and Intercept now have better pathing in Blade's Edge and will no longer charge up a pillar in some situations. Picture example.
  8. Charge and Intercept now have proper slight spell delays.
  9. Fixed an issue where Feral Charge shared diminishing returns with roots.
  10. Fanaticism now increases crit chance of Judgement of Command / Blood.
  11. You can no longer use battleground flags while under the effect of Rocket Boots Engaged.
  12. Stoicism is now working for ALL spells.
  13. Improved Righteous Fury now correctly decreasing damage while under the effect of Righteous Fury.
  14. Removed an improper proc per minute on Holy Paladin's Tier 6 2-set piece bonus.
  15. Players can no longer cast display on a target with 100% dispel resist auras. Player will receive a nothing to display error instead.
  16. Deadly Throw interrupt is no longer instant.
  17. Wrangling Rope can now properly be cast on players.
  18. Vial of the Sunwell cannot be activated if player does not have any charges built up.
  19. Fixed a crash where players could attempt to load into a non-existing battleground instance.
  20. Fixed an issue where Unstable Affliction was receiving double spell damage bonuses.